What Parents Say!

“ Our daughter, Stephanie started learning to play flute during middle school band. It soon became apparent that she was developing a passion and love for music . As non-musical parents, it was very important for us to find an exceptional flute player and outstanding instructor for our daughter. When I made the first phone call to Carolyn 6 years ago, little did I know how our lives would change. Within a short period of starting lessons, we could hear a dramatic improvement in Stephanie’s abilities. We could see the confidence developing in her, both at a musical and personal level. It was such an enjoyment to witness the excitement our daughter would show when learning a new piece of music!

“Throughout her school years, Stephanie has successfully auditioned for Region, Area, and this past year, State Bands. She has played in Region and State orchestras. Our daughter has consistently received superior ratings for State Solo and Ensembles. Both as a soloist and as part of an ensemble, she has received recognition at the Houston Flute festival on several occasions. Carolyn has been there beside our daughter as a constant support, enabling Stephanie to reach her full potential by a delicate and instinctive balance of nurturing and challenging her. Carolyn is a dedicated instructor who also provides invaluable performance opportunities for her students at her studio recitals. Today Stephanie is a confident musician who will continue to play her flute during college. She readily attributes her musical accomplishments to having Carolyn as her mentor and acknowledges that the times spent with Carolyn were not just about music, but were indeed life lessons.

“Carolyn, we can not thank you enough for everything!”

Christine & Daniel Tutak

“Mrs. Hutchinson is truly a “master teacher.” With a focus on fundamentals, students progress at a steady pace that builds competence and confidence and makes music studies enjoyable and rewarding. Mrs. Hutchinson skillfully paces students so that they are fully prepared for whatever challenges they undertake, whether it be UIL or Flute Fest competition, recital performance, or service opportunities. Whether her students aspire to a musical career or simply want to learn an instrument for personal enrichment, Mrs. Hutchinson provides quality instruction in a positive atmosphere. My daughter had such a positive experience in Mrs. Hutchinson’s studio that years later she still plays for her own enjoyment and when called upon by others.”

Patricia Samuelsen

“Carolyn is a wonderful flute teacher. Her excellent instruction enabled our daughter to play the flute beautifully and to be well prepared for contests and other flute events. Because of Carolyn, our daughter enjoyed gong to All-State twice, did well in UIL and Houston Flute Fest competitions, taught flute lessons to younger students of her own, and played the flute and piccolo in local orchestras and in church. The recitals and Flute Fests provided opportunities to gain valuable experience in solo performance as well as playing in ensembles. Carolyn also taught general principles of music that helped equip our daughter for additional musical activities such as learning new instruments, arranging, choir singing and majoring in music at a prestigious university music school. Thanks so much for everything, Carolyn!”

Mark and Mary Jensen, Co-owners of Garden Rose Music
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“Our daughter, Arathi Ramachandran, started her flute lessons with Mrs. Hutchinson when she was 10 years old (summer 2000) and they continued till she left for college in fall 2008. The training that Mrs. Hutchinson provides is thorough and comprehensive. She is very patient and allows the student to set his or her own pace. With the techniques that she learnt from Mrs. Hutchinson, Arathi was able to adapt the Boehm flute to play Indian classical music which is traditionally played on a Bamboo flute. Arathi credits this versatility in adapting the instrument to the training that she received from Mrs. Hutchinson.

Mrs. Hutchinson has her students perform annually at the Houston Flute Festival. She also organizes two group recitals every year. Many of her students perform exceptionally well in UIL competitions often making it to the regional and even the state level.

We are extremely grateful to Carolyn for her tremendous dedication to her teaching and the confidence she has given her daughter. She has given our daughter the very invaluable gift of being able to play music. Arathi finds great enjoyment and comfort in times of stress when she plays her flute. Mrs. Hutchinson not only taught her to play the flute but also to enjoy the music. Mrs. Hutchinson is an extremely gifted flute player and her love for the instrument & the music is communicated to the student in every lesson. Thank you for Mrs. Hutchinson for your constant encouragement, your dedication and your friendship.”

Sunder Ramachandran & Komala Krishnaswamy

Carolyn is a wonderful flute teacher. Her instructional qualities allowed my daughter to grow in her abilities to play the flute. When she first started taking lessons with Carolyn it was her first time to ever play the flute and was a 1st year student in the band at school. At the end of her first year she auditioned and was promoted from Beginning Band to Symphonic Band. During her time in Symphonic Band my daughter attended several competitions where she scored very well. Although an award was not received, she was given a command performance as she performed an 8th grade level piece of music for a 7th grade level competition. With continued instructions, my daughter has now advanced to the Honors Band. Carolyn has been there every step of the way in my daughters progress instructing her in a way that she can relate to and enjoys!

Milissa Spayde